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15 July 2019

Report: Slow rotation technique caused abnormally long takeoff roll of A340-300 at Bogota

15 July 2019

BEA France concluded that a slow rotation technique of the pilot of an Air France A340-300 at Bogota caused an abnormally long takeoff roll with the aircraft crossing the threshold at 6 feet.

Report: UPS MD-11 overrun at Seoul due to tire failure; crew aborted after V1

14 July 2019

The ARAIB Report on the June 2016 UPS MD-11 overrun at Seoul stated that the crew aborted past V1 due to a tire failure. A rupture of a hydraulic system caused a loss of braking effectiveness.

List of the worst skydiving aircraft accidents

14 July 2019

Within a period of just four weeks, 20 persons died in two skydiving accidents in Hawaii and Sweden. Both accidents rank among the deadliest (civilian) skydiving aircraft accidents.

Yeti ATR 72-500 suffers runway excursion on landing in heavy rain at Kathmandu

12 July 2019

A Yeti Airlines ATR 72-500, flight YT422, suffered a runway excursion on landing at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport, Nepal; no injuries among the 69 occupants.

Underqualified pilot flees the scene after crashing unregistered Antonov An-2 in Russia

11 July 2019

A pilot lacking crop spraying qualifications fled the scene after crashing his unregistered Antonov An-2 in Russia during an agricultural flight.

Grant Aviation Cessna 208B involved in landing accident, fire, at Bethel, Alaska

9 July 2019

A Grant Aviation Cessna 208B Grand Caravan was involved in a landing accident and subsequent fire at Bethel Airport, Alaska. All six on board survived.

Preliminary report: Citation II stalled on approach to Siegerland, Germany, during training flight

2 July 2019

A preliminary BFU report describes that a Cessna Citation II/SP on a training flight stalled following a low approach to Siegerland Airport, Germany.

Report: controller’s conflicting clearance causes collision during pushback at Tel Aviv

1 July 2019

The Israeli final report into a pushback collision accident shows that the controller gave a conflicting clearance to a Boeing 737-700 and a Boeing 767 at Tel Aviv.

Beech King Air 350 impacts hangar during takeoff from Addison, Texas, killing 10

1 July 2019

A Beech King Air 350 aircraft impacted a hangar during takeoff from Addison Airport, Texas, killing 10.

Angara Airlines An-24 suffers runway excursion and hit a building at Nizhneangarsk, Russia

27 June 2019

An Angara Airlines Antonov An-24 suffered a runway excursion after landing at Nizhneangarsk, Russia following an engine failure.