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21 January 2017

Report: Loss of pitch trim incident, Saab 340A in Sweden

21 January 2017

A Swedish Saab 340A suffered a loss of pitch trim, according to a report by the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority. The cause could not be established with certainty.

Beech 99 landing gear malfunction accident, Billings Airport

20 January 2017

An Alpine Aviation Beech 99 cargo plane suffered a landing gear malfunction and returned to land at Billings, Montana, USA.

Transavia Boeing 737-800 fuel emergency incident after diversion, go around in Spain

19 January 2017

A Transavia Boeing 737-800 flight declared a fuel emergency after a diversion to and subsequent go around at Malaga, Spain.

LATAM Brasil Boeing 767-300 hit by bullet while on approach to São Paulo-Guarulhos Airport

18 January 2017

A LATAM Brasil Boeing 767-300 was hit by bullet while on approach to São Paulo-Guarulhos Airport, Brazil.

Royal Air Maroc Boeing 737-800 descends below minimum safe altitude, Lyon, France

14 January 2017

A Royal Air Maroc Boeing 737-800 descended below minimum safe altitude while on approach to Lyon Airport, France, according to a preliminary report by the French BEA.

EgyptAir Cargo Airbus A300 and Air France A320 in serious airprox incident over Belgium

13 January 2017

According to the Belgian AAIU, an EgyptAir Cargo Airbus A300 and an Air France A320 were involved in a serious airprox incident over Belgium.

Norwegian Boeing 737 misses paraglider by 100 m on approach to Malaga, Spain

12 January 2017

The Spanish CIAIAC released the final report of their investigation into an airprox incident in which a Norwegian Boeing 737-800 missed paraglider by 100 m on approach to Malaga, Spain.

Risk of runway overrun at Toronto City Airport due to deviation from landing procedures

11 January 2017

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) determined that flight crew deviation from standard landing procedures led to the October 2014 risk of a runway excursion, and that the DHC-8-400 aircraft was not stabilized during a portion of the approach phase.

CAA Mozambique: nose cone structural failure caused LAM 737 damage, no drone collision

11 January 2017

Following an investigation the Mozambique IACM concluded that the nose cone of a LAM 737 suffered a structural failure due to air flow, not a drone collision as initiatally reported in local media.

Unclear control transfer causes ATR-72 bounced landing and runway excursion

10 January 2017

A Garuda Indonesia ATR-72 suffered a bounced landing at Lombok International Airport when there was an unclear transfer of control from the captain to the first officer on final approach, according to the NTSC investigation report.