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16 August 2017

ATSB releases satellite imagery analysis in the search for MH370

16 August 2017

The ATSB has released two reports which analyse data gathered during the surface search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

TSB investigates runway incursion incident at Toronto Airport, Canada

15 August 2017

The TSB is investigating a runway incursion incident at Toronto Airport, Canada. An ERJ-175 stopped beyond the hold short line of an active runway on which an Air Canada Boeing 787 was midway into the take-off roll.

Report: Airbus A320 avoids drone on approach to Tel Aviv Airport, Israel, June 10

14 August 2017

The Israeli AIAI issued a brief report on an incident on June 10 in which an Airbus A320 avoided drone while on approach to Tel Aviv Airport, Israel.

Fuzhou Airlines passes IATA safety audit

12 August 2017

The Chinese airline Fuzhou Airlines passed the  IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA).

NTSB: DHC-6 runway excursion accident due to improper flare on landing by trainee pilot

11 August 2017

The NTSB reported that a May 17, 2017 runway excursion accident of a skydiving DHC-6 Twin Otter was due to an improper flare on landing by the trainee pilot.

NTSB: Poorly loaded DHC-3T crashed in Alaska due to spatial disorientation at night

10 August 2017

The NTSB concluded that a DHC-3T float plane crash in Alaska in 2015 was due to spatial disorientation during a night time departure. Also, the plane was overloaded with CG out of limits.

Serious incident: Wrong thrust setting, long takeoff of Boeing 747-8 at Tokyo-Narita, Japan

10 August 2017

The JTSB is investigating a serious incident involving a Boeing 747-8F that had a long takeoff at Tokyo-Narita, Japan, due to a wrong thrust setting.

FAA extends conflict zone Notam on South Sudan airspace by a year

8 August 2017

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration extended the Conflict Zone Notam on South Sudanese airspace by a year. U.S. pilots should exercise caution flying into, out of, within or over the territory and airspace of South Sudan at altitudes below FL260 due to the hazardous situation created by the ongoing fighting and instability in South Sudan. […]

Final report: Temporary difficulty with aircraft control of DHC-8, Mont-Joli, Canada

8 August 2017

TSB Canada issued the final report of an investigation into a temporary difficulty with aircraft control incident of a DHC-8 near Mont-Joli, Canada.

UAE issues interim statement on Emirates flight 521 accident investigation

6 August 2017

The UAE GCAA published the first interim statement on their progress of the investigation of the Emirates Boeing 777 accident last year.