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23 October 2016

Controllers punished over near collision incident at Shanghai Airport, China

Hongqiao Airport and the incident aircraft routes 23 October 2016

Fifteen Chinese air traffic controllers were punished by authorities for their involvement in a serious runway incursion incident at Shanghai-Hongqiao Airport last week.

Sweden recommends to limit ATR-72 power ranges following unsolved engine vibrations incidents

FDR and CVR elements of the incident flight (SHK) 20 October 2016

The Swedish Accident Investigation Authority recommends EASA to limit ATR-72 power ranges in specific conditions following several unsolved engine vibrations incidents.

NTSB: Mismanaged approach caused fatal BAe 125-700 crash

Descent profile of the accident flight (NTSB) 18 October 2016

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) determined that the flight crew’s mismanagement of the approach and multiple deviations from standard operating procedures caused the Nov. 10, 2015, crash of a BAe-125-700 jet in Akron, Ohio. The charter company’s casual attitude toward compliance with standards was a contributing factor in the accident.

U.S. bans all Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones from airplanes

Warning notice on Note7 devices before ban was issued (photo: mike / CC:by-sa) 15 October 2016

U.S. authorities have banned  all Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphone devices from aircraft over safety issues. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), issued an emergency order to ban all Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphone devices from air transportation in the United States. […]

Report: Air India Boeing 787 involved in serious airprox incident near Mumbai Airport

Radar image at 04:36:52 UTC 10 October 2016

The Indian AAIB pubished their investigation report into the serious airprox incident near Mumbai Airport, India.

Report: DHC-8 cabin smoke incident due to oil entering air conditioning system

The incident aircraft, OE-LGA (Photo: Alec Wilson) 5 October 2016

The Austrian Federal Safety Investigation Authority (SUB) published their final report into the investigation of a serious cabin smoke incident involving a DHC-8-400.

FAA issues airline guidance on recalled devices powered by lithium batteries

17 September 2016

Following a Consumer Product Safety Commission recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the U.S. FAA issued general guidance to airlines about the rules for carrying recalled or defective lithium devices on board aircraft as cargo or in carry-on luggage.

Report: Poorly harmonised procedures cause A330 to hit aerobridge at Melbourne

The A330 nose landing gear showing the aircraft’s park brake indicator light (ATSB) 14 September 2016

Poorly harmonised ground and flight crew procedures caused the parking brakes on an Airbus A330 to be released when the chocks were already removed. The aircraft rolled and impacted an aerobridge.

NTSB: Excessive reverse thrust caused Delta MD-88 landing accident at LaGuardia

The MD-88 as it came to rest on the embankment (NTSB) 14 September 2016

The application of excessive reverse thrust during a landing at New York-LaGuardia Airport, March, 5, 2015, led to a loss of directional control and the MD-88’s departure from the snow covered runway, according to findings of the NTSB.

NTSB investigative update of the uncontained engine failure of a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700

12 September 2016

The NTSB released an investigative update with initial findings in the investigation of the uncontained engine failure of a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 on August 27.