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21 February 2017

Beechcraft Super King Air impacts store after takeoff Essendon Airport, Australia; 5 fatalities

21 February 2017

All 5 occupants of a Beechcraft Super King Air have died after the aircraft impacted a shopping centre after takeoff Melbourne-Essendon Airport, Australia.

Lithium battery power bank fire diverts Spring Airlines flight to Shenyang, China

21 February 2017

A power bank caught fire on a Spring Airlines Airbus A320 flight, causing a diversion to Shenyang, China.

Japan Airlines Boeing 737-800 snowed in on runway at New Chitose Airport

21 February 2017

A Japan Airlines Boeing 737-800 snowed in while on the runway in prepartion for departure from New Chitose Airport, Japan.

TSB reminds passengers to buckle up after Boeing 777 severe turbulence encounter in 2015

20 February 2017

Some 21 passengers were injured in a severe turbulence encounter in 2015, according to a TSB report.

Colombia releases preliminary report on fatal Aerosucre Boeing 727 takeoff accident

18 February 2017

Aerocivil Colombia published the preliminary report on the accident involving an Aerosucre Boeing 727 that hit the perimeter fence on takeoff from Puerto Carreño.

Report: Misloaded BN-2T Islander stalled and crashed on final approach in Papua New Guinea

17 February 2017

A BN-2T Turbine Islander crashed in Papua New Guinea when it stalled on final approach due to the Centre of Gravity being too far aft.

Wrong engine wash procedure leads to serious cabin fumes incident on A320, Ireland

16 February 2017

A wrongly performed engine wash procedure caused fumes to develop during departure of an Airbus A320 at Dublin, Ireland

CRJ-700 returns to Charlotte Airport with fuel leak after striking deer on take-off

16 February 2017

A PSA Airlines CRJ-700 returned to Charlotte Airport with fuel leak after striking a deer on take-off.

Serious runway incursion incident at Tokyo-Narita with Thai AirAsia X Airbus A330

15 February 2017

A Thai AirAsia X Airbus A330 taxied onto the active runway at Tokyo-Narita , forcing a China Airlines A330 to go around.

Harrison Ford overflies Boeing 737, lands on taxiway at Orange County

15 February 2017

Actor Harrison Ford overflew a Boeing 737 on finals and landed his Husky on a parallel taxiway at Orange County, California.