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28 June 2017

Report on Nov. 2016 incident: Airbus A380 left wing landing gear failed to extend, Dubai

28 June 2017

The UAE GCAA published the final report on a Nov. 2016 incident where the left wing landing gear of an Airbus A380 failed to extend before landing at Dubai.

Russia notes rise in drone incidents

27 June 2017

The Russian Federal Air Transport Agency, Rosaviatsia, notes an increase in the number of illegal drone airpace infringements.

ATSB issues investigation update of Saab 340B in-flight loss of propeller incident

27 June 2017

The ATSB issued an update of their investigation into the in-flight loss of a Saab 340B propeller in March 2017.

Report: Serious airprox incident near Sicily, Italy, August 2011, with ATR-42 at wrong altitude

25 June 2017

The Italian ANSV published a summary report on a serious airprox incident when a ATR-42 was at the wrong altitude with an MD-82 on opposing course at same altitude near Sicily, Italy, August 2011.

AAIB and BEA issue annual safety reviews

24 June 2017

The U.K. AAIB Annual Safety Review for 2016 contains information on the activity during 2016 and includes an overview of the 57 Safety Recommendations and Safety Actions published in the 36 field and 208 correspondence investigation reports during the year. It also includes information on the occurrence factors established from the AAIB investigations, with articles on […]

Report: EasyJet Airbus A319 misses drone by 1 metre near Liverpool, UK

24 June 2017

A UK Airprox Board report detailed a near-miss incident involving an easyJet Airbus A319 and a drone near Liverpool, UK.

Report: Cessna Citation hard landing accident after fuel diversion, unstabilized approach

23 June 2017

An unstabilized approach caused a hard landing accident of a Cessna Citation that diverted while being low on fuel, according to an NTSB report.

EASA publishes safety information on wake vortex

22 June 2017

EASA published a Safety Information Bulletin (SIB) to remind pilots and air traffic controllers about the risks associated with wake turbulence encounters at high altitude and about the applicable precautionary measures.

Canadian committee recommends mandatory use of SMS for all commercial operators

22 June 2017

The Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities of the Canadian Parliament issued a report with 17 recommendations to enhance aviation safety in Canada.

Airbus launches new fixed and deployable flight recorders

22 June 2017

Airbus announced that it is to implement new fixed and deployable flight recorders on it’s passenger aircraft.