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17 September 2021

Report: A320 had to avoid terrain after avoiding helicopter on departure

17 September 2021

An A320 on departure from Kavala, Greece, had to descend to avoid colliding with a helicopter and then had to climb to avoid mountains, according to the newly released investigation report.

Screwdriver tip left in engine during maintenance results in engine failure on take-off

16 August 2021

An engine power loss and rejected take-off incident involving an Airbus A320 at Brisbane Airport occurred after a screwdriver tip was left inside the engine during maintenance.

Controller loss of situational awareness factor in 2017 runway incursion, Hong Kong

15 August 2021

A controller’s loss of situational awareness caused a 2017 runway incursion incident at Hong Kong. The controller was an instructor, who had taken over from a trainee.

Startled ERJ-195 crew sets insufficient thrust during go around, report

8 August 2021

The startled crew of an ERJ-195 mishandled the go around at Salzburg Airport, following a windshear caution, using insufficient thrust. This caused a stall warning and belated selection of TOGA, according to the newly released final report.

Mel Air passes IATA safety audit

7 August 2021

Maltese operator Mel Air passed the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA).

Poor braking conditions after heavy rain led to 737 runway overrun, Jacksonville

6 August 2021

A Miami Air International Boeing 737-800 overran a rain-soaked runway due to an “extreme loss of braking friction,” the NTSB concluded in it’s investigation report .

AAIB appointed as Space Accident Investigation Authority for the United Kingdom

29 July 2021

Regulations which have come into force in the United Kingdom see the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) nominated by the Secretary of State for Transport to act as the Space Accident Investigation Authority (SAIA) for the UK.

FAA issues further restrictions on operating in Afghan airspace

25 July 2021

The United States FAA issued a Notam, containing further restrictions for U.S. aircraft and crew operating in Afghan airspace.

Pilot’s seatback reclining on takeoff from Tiruchirappalli, India, causes B737-800 to hit wall

25 July 2021

An Air India Express Boeing 737-800 overran on takeoff, suffered a tailstrike and impacted a wall at Tiruchirappalli Airport, India, after the captain seatback reclined on takeoff.

Report: B737 Manaus runway excursion due to tailwind landing and hydraulics issues

24 July 2021

A newly released Brazilian accident report states that a 2018 runway excursion at Manaus of an Avior Boeing 737-200 occurred during a tailwind landing after loss of hydraulic system A;